Friday 19 September 2014



I dipped this bird last night. A half hour window between work and football training wasn't enough to locate this long-awaited and much anticipated patch tick. Luckily I had a little more time tonight so I made a point of searching for it, and it duly hopped up in to view in the hedgerow aligning the footpath that links the footpath to Gore Lane. I wasn't prepared for how close it would allow me to approach and as I backed away from it it flew towards me, perching in the hedge beside me! I left it feeding peacefully in the hedgerow and searched for other stuff. Migrants this afternoon included 9 yellow wagtail, c10+ chiffchaff, 1 sedge warbler, 2 wheatear and c20+ meadow pipit.
One of the yellow wagtails was a lovely steely grey and white bird. All vocalisations from this little party of nine yellow wags were the typical forceful 'tseeip' of typical yellow wag.
Early yesterday morning, my first autumn crossbill flew over Belle Vue Road as I walked to work. 

Grey-variant Yellow Wagtail with yellow Yellow Wagtails.

A striking bird - potentially 'eastern' but perhaps too much yellow on under-tail coverts?

Small Copper

Speckled Wood


Red Admiral

Common Blue

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