Wednesday 20 July 2022

Splendid Brocade

My first ever Splendid Brocade - a rare but increasingly frequent immigrant which, in time, like many other species, I'm sure will become a 'regular'.

Two good nights for trapping with c80 macro species logged, including garden firsts of Splendid Brocade, Brown-veined Wainscot and Common Lutestring. Other notables, because I don't often see them, included Plain Pug, Archer's Dart, Dusky Sallow, Purple Thorn, Mullein Wave, Bordered Beauty, Marbled Green, Box Tree-moth and Green Silver-lines.

A 'garden first' Brown-veined Wainscot. The nearest reedbed is West Lodge which is probably half a mile away. I'm presuming that's where this moth originated from but who knows?

Common Lutestring. I used to see this species fairly regularly when we lived in Rockbeare, but this is the first one I've had in the garden.

Green Silver-lines. One of two trapped .


Oak Nycteoline - three trapped over the last two nights.

Cloaked Minor. Several of this variable species trapped over the last two nights.

Leopard Moth.

Dusky Sallow. Second garden record.

Ear Moth agg.

Pretty sure these are all just Ear Moth but the browner individual looks marginally longer-winged and could potentially be a Saltern Ear.

Small Dingy Tubic Borkhausenia Fuscescens.

Bordered Beauty. One of three trapped the night before last.

 Plain Pug. Only my second garden record of this species.

Garden Rose Tortrix Acleris variegana.

Ash-bark Knot-horn Euzophera pinguis.

A big, golden, female Drinker.

Archer's Dart.


Burnished Brass.

Coxcomb Prominent.


  1. A lovely collection of moths, Matt! I saw two Splendid Brocades come out of the Mapperton traps on Tuesday morning. A lovely, rosy-coloured thing. Mapperton must be 5 or 6 miles inland, though you can see the sea at West Bay from there. It is amazing to consider the distances that migrant moths cover.

    PS. Caught a Scallop Shell last night. You said I would be impressed. I am!!

  2. Thanks Gav - Splendid Brocade is clearly on the up in the UK - really smart moths - can't believe you've seen them after a few weeks trapping - it's taken me about 16 years! Glad you caught up with Scallop Shell - just love 'em. Great to hear from you, as always - will be glued to your blog to see what other stuff you get. All the best. Matt.

  3. Splendid moths. Envious of the Splendid Brocade which I've yet to see. They do seem to be becoming more regular.

  4. Hi Neil - definitely another one on the rise. One of those species you know you're going to get eventually. On that note we're still waiting for Toadflax Brocade down here! All the best. Matt.