Saturday 14 May 2022

Spot Fly

My first Exmouth Spot Fly of the year. Always a very welcome sight! Utilising the drooping Ash boughs, as they normally do on Orcombe Point.

Keeled Skimmer.

First-summer Yellow-legged Gull still at the recycling depot.

Greater Butterfly-orchids won't be long now...

Bee Orchid - it's that time of year again!


  1. Hi Matt, Brilliant sightings and photos as always. Have you got any site info you can share for the Bee and Greater Butterfly Orchids? I assume they are on Orcombe Point but we are new to the area and this is our first year in learning the best orchid sites and trying to track down these beauties. Many thanks John

  2. Hi John - the Bee Orchids were photographed at Trago Mills, Newton Abbot, but we have a small population in Exmouth. The Greater Butterfly-orchids were in Chudleigh. I photographed both, en route, back from Torquay, visiting my brother and neice. Drop me a text on 07579969832 or give me a ring, and I can give you details. Would be good to chat. All the very best. Matt.