Sunday 22 May 2022

Breeding Stonechats

Stonechats breed on higher ground around the fringes of Exmouth but, as far as I can recall, I 've never had breeding birds on Orcombe Point before. At least 3 juveniles were noted this morning, alongside both parent birds.

Two of the three juvenile Stonechats.

Woundwort Shieldbug - many thanks to John for the identification.

My first Common Spotted Orchid of the spring.

Black-tailed Skimmer.

Common Blue.

Painted Lady.


  1. Great pictures Matt. Interestingly, I think there has been a bit of a Painted Lady influx, with the SW winds, as I had my first at Escot Park and in the garden over the weekend. Also your shieldbug is likely a Woundwort Shieldbug, not one I've come across yet but they're supposed to be fairly common. Cheers John

  2. Many thanks John - that's fantastic - it's so great to be able to put a name to something. Definitely a painted Lady influx and some good moths around too. Have had the moth trap out, hoping for a Striped Hawkmoth but no luck as yet...
    All the very best and please don't hesitate to ring if you need any info on local orchids. Matt