Friday 15 May 2015


Two short spells of birding today - this afternoon's being far more productive than this morning's. I did Orcombe at 0530 this morning, but only managed to find a single sedge warbler and an utterly predictable, high-flying great northern diver. It headed high north inland.
Thank you to Lee and Keith for your texts this afternoon. Lee texted me about a roseate tern off the Warren. I picked it up off the seafront - a lovely 'pinky' individual fishing with about a dozen sandwich tern. Also, off the seafront this afternoon, were c15+ black-headed gull and a first-summer mediterranean gull.
Keith texted me about a couple red kites NE over Bowling Green, so I thought I'd check the river off the Imperial and scan Haldon ridge at the same time. I very quickly picked up 2 red kites heading fast north along Haldon ridge at about 1710, and a third individual circling over the other side of the river shortly afterwards. There are clearly stacks of birds around at the moment. Also off the Imperial this afternoon were 8 great crested grebe, 1 hobby, 1 peregrine and c20+ swift.

Great Northern Diver - at least 70 recorded off Orcombe so far this spring, assuming of course that the same birds aren't being re-counted.

Recently fledged Dunnock.


  1. hi,just wondering is there lots of sedge warblers up orcombe?

  2. Hi Jason - no, sedge warbler is a migrant on Orcombe - there is no suitable breeding habitat up there. I probably get on average 1 or 2 each spring and a few more in the autumn. Cheers,

  3. Thank you Matt, I'm quite into my photography and do a weekly challenge a few weeks back the weeks challenge was migrating birds, at the time I knew nothing about birds what so ever, so did a Google search and found your blog, since the challenge I've been really enjoying "birding" and reading your blog