Sunday 24 May 2015

Generally Quiet but much too Loud in the Woods!


Juvenile and adult male Pied Wagtail - Sandy Bay. The juvenile was one of 2 birds present.

Not a lot doing in Exmouth at the moment but good to see quite a few birds fledging. Orcombe today produced 1 first-summer mediterranean gull, 2 mallard, 4 great northern diver, 9 sanderling, 1 turnstone, 1 whimbrel, 1 shelduck, 1 common tern, 2 sandwich tern and 1 wheatear.
Early yesterday morning I had 4 black-headed gull, 1 sandwich tern, 1 black-throated diver (south @ 0648), 2 mute swan, 1 little egret and 1 great northern diver.

At least 3 pairs of Song Thrush are on territory within the Orcombe Patch boundary.

Woodbury Fort is a good place to find breeding Stock Doves. They nest in holes in trees and are very vocal at this time of year.

The starling flock 'out the back' of our house is swelling by the day, as more and more newly-fledged juveniles appear.

Robin - very busy feeding young at the moment.

'Greenland' Wheatear - Orcombe - this female bird has been knocking around for a few days.

I went looking for Tawny Owls in a previously unexplored patch of quiet local woodland this afternoon. It didn't take me long to locate a pair by following the scolding calls of blackbirds and chaffinches. I was patiently trying to get the above photo when a loud bark just feet away scared the s**t out of me. Expecting to see a massive dog, I was somewhat relieved to see a roe buck peering through the understory at me.

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