Saturday 9 May 2020


 Clouded Drab - a new, and rather attractive, colour form for me.
A much improved catch last night with the following recorded: 1 Willow Beauty, 1 Swallow Prominent, 1 Broken-barred Carpet, 2 Brimstone Moth, 1 Bright-line Brown-eye, 2 Light Brown Apple Moth, 2 Narrow-winged Grey (Eudonia angustea), 3 Rusty Dot Pearl, 1 Vine's Rustic, 2 Common Pug, 1 Pebble Prominent, 1 Clouded Drab, 1 Twenty-plume Moth, 2 Heart and Dart, 1 Least Black Arches, 1 Yellow-faced Bell (Notocelia cynosbatella), 1 Muslin Moth, 5 Flame Shoulder, 1 Common Quaker, 1 Swan-feather Dwarf (Elachista argentella), 1 Yellow-barred Brindle, 1 Shuttle-shaped Dart, 4 Treble Lines, 1 Marbled Minor agg, 1 Brindled Pug, 1 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 1 Double-striped Pug, 1 Dark-barred Tortrix (Syndemis musculana), 1 Ruddy Carpet, 1 Spectacle, 1 Waved Umber and 1 Purple Bar.
Not great on the bird-front - a first-summer Mediterranean Gull and c20+ Black-headed Gull were pretty much the only entries in the notebook.

Vine's Rustic

Broken-barred Carpet

 Waved Umber

Pebble Prominent

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Treble Lines showing two different colour forms, with the typical cream form on the left. Don't think I've come across the rufous variant before.

Dark-barred Tortrix Syndemis musculana

Heart and Dart

Ruddy Carpet

Marbled Minor agg

Purple Bar

Yellow-barred Brindle


 Willow Beauty

Bloxworth Snout

Swan-feather Dwarf Elachista argentella


  1. Some great moths here Matt - you did much better than me, with rather slim pickings here.
    Work is really busy - but I'm not complaining as I'm in a much better state than many. Hoping that some slight cloud cover might help tonight.
    Best wishes to the family ...

  2. Agree- some stunners there! I'm envious of the Ruddy Carpet. Have to say the Clouded Drab had me scratching my head- haven't seen one like this!

  3. Hi Neil - Ruddy Carpet pretty common in Exmouth. I'm glad you felt that about the Clouded Drab - it caused me a lot of head-scratching too. I'm assuming it is one - can't see what else it could be! Good to hear from you. All the best. Matt