Saturday 23 May 2020

Heathy Stuff

Common Heath - male - note the feathered antennae.
I had a quick look off the seafront early morning but only 1 Great Northern Diver and 5 Sanderling were noted. Off Mudbank - c60 Black-headed Gull and 2 Sandwich Tern.
A couple hours mooching around East Budleigh Common this afternoon produced some nice insects but it was too blowy for birding.

Female Common Blue Damselfly - I think.

Grey Birch - not an uncommon moth but a new one for me.
Brassy Tortrix Eulia ministrana - I've been looking forward to finding one of these.

Cream Wave

Damselfly species - presumably a female Azure but not sure on this one.
Grey Pine Carpet

Common Tubic Alabonia geoffrella

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary


  1. Some great insects there Matt- my favourite time of year as there's a wealth of plant & insect life to look at. Agree with Common Blue Damselfly-has the broad ante-humeral strip with no short stripe on the side of the thorax.

    The other is probably Azure but with females you may need to look at the shape of the rear of the pronotum to eliminate the option of Variable if it's in your area. Quite a local species but can be common where it occurs. Don't seem to get it here.

  2. Hi Neil - thanks for that. I'm not really up on dragon/damselflies but as far as I'm aware Variable doesn't occur in Devon. I went up to see them on the Somerset levels last spring and wasn't disappointed - there were masses of them! All the best. Matt