Thursday 18 May 2017

Digitising Moth Photos

Crimson Speckled

I've just finished digitising a big chunk of my collection of moth photos, the majority of which are in albums. I haven't added dates or locations yet but I'll get round to it at some point. The photos can be seen by clicking on the 'moths' tab on the menu bar (guessing that's what it's called) at the top of this page. So far 460+ macro species have been added and I plan to add micros (and possibly butterflies too) in due course. It's mainly for my benefit but if, like me, you enjoy looking through moth photos you may find it of use. I should point out that the majority of photos were taken in east Devon but there are some European species in there too.

Merveille du Jour

Tamarisk Peacock

Green-brindled Crescent


  1. Some cracking pictures there Matt. I'm into Butterflies and have learnt some of the easier to ID moths but have to admit it's a mine field when it comes to micro and macro moths and totally baffles me. I reckon I'll refer to this link as it's very useful indeed. Well done, this must have taken ages to get these fab photos.

  2. Hi Spencer and many thanks. Yes many early mornings with the trap and many hours looking around campsite lights. Well worth getting hold of a trap if you can and you're welcome to help with mine any time. See you soon. Matt