Tuesday 23 May 2017

Birds and Bees

Still very quiet in this neck of the woods. A single Whimbrel off Mudbank and 4 Swift on Orcombe were the only entries in my notebook this afternoon. The latter part of this evening was spent watching local Nightjars with Paul Gosling - truly magical to watch wing-clapping and superb aerial displays at such close quarters. Otherwise a few unidentified bumblebees on Orcombe - I suspect the top one is red-tailed but as always I'd appreciate any help with identification. All four photographed species were of similar size - pretty small.
Edit - many thanks to 'Slush Puppy' for identifying the bumblebees.

Swan-feather Dwarf


Heath Spotted Orchid

Red-tailed Bumblebee - Bombus lapidarius

Common Carder Bee - Bombus pascuorum

Buff-tailed Bumblebee - Bombus terrestris

Early Bumblebee - Bombus pratorum


  1. Red-tailed bumblebee Bombus lapidarius
    Common carder bee Bombus pascuorum
    Buff-tailed bumblebee Bombus terrestris
    Early bumblebee Bombus pratorum


  2. I've sent you a photo Matt - I think your Nightjar is actually a Canberra Jet!