Thursday 1 April 2021

Rare Flowers

 Sand Crocus/Warren Crocus - Dawlish Warren. Not quite fully open but way better than I was expecting, in overcast conditions. Dawlish Warren is one of only two sites in the UK where this gorgeous species is found. Great to bump in to Steve Ayres there this morning.

I was so chuffed that my daughter, Maisie, asked to come out 'looking at wildlife' with me today. It's the first day of the Easter break, so I thought we'd do a bit of botanising, and target a couple rare flowers. With some brilliant info from both Kev Rylands and Dave Smallshire, we not only found our target species, but found a load of  other fantastic stuff too. Many thanks to Kev and Dave!

Mossy Stonecrop - Kev showed me where to find this last summer but we were too late for it back then.

Field Wood-rush aka Good Friday Grass.

Rue-leaved Saxifrage - so lovely to finally catch up with this species following too long staring at pavement cracks in Exmouth. Dawlish Warren train platform is the place!

Maisie and I located this bizarre-looking parasitic plant thanks to a tip-off from Dave Smallshire. Many thanks Dave! Toothwort lacks any chlorophyll and parasitizes Hazel - tapping into its roots for nutrients in a similar way to Broomrapes.

Wood Sorrel - this beautiful flower was found growing on a rotting log.

Scarlet Elf Cup

Yellow Archangel - Chudleigh.

Cowslip - Chudleigh.

Rush sp? - Orcombe.

Grass sp - Orcombe.

Lords and Ladies - Orcombe Point.

An odd sun-rise this morning, veiled in light cloud. One Willow Warbler, one Little Egret and a Curlew the only birds of note.

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