Thursday 15 April 2021

Early Spiders

Lu and I spent the morning on the Purbeck coast, in Dorset, with the aim of seeing the famous Early Spider Orchids. We saw loads and enjoyed a walk along the stunning coastline, before grabbing some lunch at Corfe Castle. A beautiful day in a gorgeous part of the world, and the orchids didn't disappoint.

Dancing Ledge.

Several Guillemots and Razorbills were resting on the water, and clearly breeding on the cliff-face beneath the coast path.

Looking east towards Durlstone Head.

Salad Burnet is another new one for me. Plenty seen at Dancing Ledge.

 Corfe Castle with Poole Harbour in the background.


  1. Smashing Early Spider Orchids. Have seen quite a few shots of the Dorset ones over the last couple of weeks. The only ones I've seen have been at Samphire Hoe, Dover. They seem to flower a bit later than the Dorset ones, but may go down soon for them.

    Yesterday went to Hartslock NR on the Thames, Oxon to see some Pasque Flowers which I managed to find. Red Kites everywhere (though common at home), Buzzards but best for me as I haven't seen them locally a pair of Ravens.

    Saw my first Orange Tips (3 males) & a pristine Grizzled Skipper for the season. Several Osmia bicolr, a handsome bee that uses empty snail shells for home & had the cuckoo Nomada fucata shown to me. Great the season is going up a gear now!

  2. Hi Neil - many thanks. From what I've read Kent is one of the best areas for orchids, with many species just not present down here. I'm very envious of Pasque Flower - I think its Gloucestershire or Hampshire nearest for me, but I could be wrong. I don't recall people seeing them closer to home. I had my first Orange-tip just yesterday but Grizzled Skipper will be much trickier...
    One day I'll make an effort with the bees. I'm very keen but want to get to a better level with plants first. My brain can only cope with so much at any one time! Hope the warmer weather delivers some good migrants your way. It's very slow-going still down here. All the best. Matt