Monday 5 April 2021

Mottled Grey

A big thank you to Martin for inviting me over to see this subtly beautiful spring-time species - my first Mottled Grey.

So quiet still bird-wise but the day rescued, once again, by flowers and moths. A Willow Warbler and a Canada Goose were pretty much the only species noted on Orcombe, and 3 Pale-bellied Brent Geese were off Mudbank before everything was scared off by kite-surfers.

Spring Beauty - The Maer. I've been hoping to find this species - an extraordinary plant with fused leaves, which cup the flower stalks.

Early Forget-me-not - The Maer.

Dove's-foot Cranes's-bill - The Maer.

Shining Crane's-bill - the only Crane's-bill with glossy leaves.

Powdered Quaker - Martin had trapped a number of classic spring moths. I couldn't resist grabbing a few photos. Powdered Quaker is one of my favourites.

March Moth - a pristine one.

Small Quaker - don't normally see them as well marked as this.

Red Chestnut.

Slender Speedwell - kidney-shaped leaves and pale lilac-coloured flowers on long stalks. Found creeping across the lawn at Martin's, in Saint Hill.

The Green-winged Orchids are starting to flower on Orcombe.


  1. Gorgeous Green-winged Orchids. First photo I've seen of this species so far this year. Have seen plenty of fine shots of the Early Spider Orchids from Dorset (the Kent ones are always later!).

    Some very smart moths though recent cold nights not great. Last weekend we had a couple of Orange Underwing agg basking on the ground at our local country park. There's plenty of Birch & I think our first was indeed Orange Underwing but there's also a stand of mature Aspen & the second moth looked good for Light Orange looking at numerous images but realise I'd need to have scrutinised them to be fully sure.

  2. Hi Neil - you've had more luck than me with Orange Underwings - just one brief sighting for me. I plan on searching again if and when things warm up! Don't think we get Light Orange Underwing down here. Hope you're keeping well. Matt