Saturday 24 October 2020

2cy Gull sp

Interesting gull on Exmouth beach briefly this evening. Presumably just a 2cy Lesser Black-back (lots around today) but heavily-streaked head (probably not enough of a 'hood'), pale iris, dark body and 'shin pads' apparently rare in combination on this species? Stocky build got me thinking of 'Azorean' Yellow-legged Gull but not sure whether it's worth considering?


  1. Striking bird Matt! I wouldn't like to sort that one out, but think you are right in LB-bG..

  2. Thanks Mike - managed to get a quick reply from Peter Adriens who agrees it's tricky but says it's not possible to rule out LBbG. Hope to get hold of latest 'Dutch Birding' article that apparently doesn't recommend splitting Azorean YLG. All the best. Matt