Monday 3 August 2020

Bedstraw Hawk

Beautiful and rare - this Bedstraw Hawkmoth was trapped in Budleigh last night, by Nick. It's absolutely pristine so quite possibly locally bred. See Nick's post here.

This juvenile Spotted Flycatcher was photographed at Bystock first thing this morning - presumably signalling Bystock breeding success. At least 9 Crossbill also seen but the quest for an Exmouth Marsh Tit continues...

Southern Hawker - Maer Valley.

Bulbous Buttercup

Treble-bar - Blackhill Quarry. Not had these day-flying before but two found this afternoon.

Lady's Mantle - than you Kev for the 'back of the camera' identification but is it possible to identify beyond Lady's Mantle sp??

Treble-bar number two.

Bog Asphodel

Great to meet up with Kev and Debs to see the Pitcher Plants this afternoon. The above is Hooded Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia minor - a different species to that photographed the other day. Much harder to see but expertly spotted by Kev. I'd have passed it off as a dead leaf.

Common Blue


  1. What a glorious Bedstraw Hawkmoth! Much more common but just as beautiful- your Southern Hawker.

    I suspect your Lady's-mantle is the common garden escape- Alchemilla mollis.

  2. Thank you Neil - funnily enough I spotted some in a flower bed yesterday and it did look remarkably similar, just bigger, but my plant was on baked dry, acid heath so it's probably struggling a bit more! Thanks again. Matt