Saturday 21 October 2017


Wigeon and Brents swimming into a strong westerly wind - Mudbank.
I did a sea-watch from the beach huts this morning and failed to see a Long-tailed Skua and 2 Leach's Petrel that were seen off the Warren. They always get more stuff than me. I'm certain it's to do with the angle at which stuff moves into the bay. Nothing passes really close to Orcombe, not even the numerous Gannets that moved south this morning. I did manage 3 Great Northern Diver and a Merlin, which I was quite chuffed about, but the three skuas I had were all too distant. Probably 2 Bonxies and a Long-tailed Skua that struggled like mad to make any headway in to the wind, and looked most kittiwake-like in flight action. I had it whilst Lee was texting me about his so it wasn't his bird. The Merlin was a lovely female/juv-type that powered past, parallel to the beach before sweeping out across the bay. The first I've had in ages.
The adult Black Brant was off the Imperial late morning but otherwise it's been a day of frustration......
I've Just found out I've missed Thrush Nightingale on Orcombe! Spencer Dicks had it on Thursday, and it was also seen by Peter Turnbull. I'm having absolutely no luck with the 'rares' this year.  In under 5 months I've missed Black-browed Albatross, Wilson's Petrel, a probable Red-throated Pipit, a Great White Egret, Richard's Pipit and now Thrush Nightingale! I really need to start following Spencer around!

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