Tuesday 17 October 2023

Oleander Hawkmoth!!!

I got home from work to a text that, quite frankly, stunned me. My good mate Paul Gosling, head of Exeter Road primary school, had this incredible moth, resting on the side of a school building. I'm hugely grateful to Paul for letting me see it, and for letting me take it home to photograph. It's one of those species you just never think you're going to actually see in the UK. Breathtakingly beautiful in the flesh and, of course, uber-rare. Thanks again Paul!

The spot where the Oleander hawkmoth was found. Not far from a light but surrounded by school children running around, having fun. Amazing!


  1. Hi Gav - yep, words can't do it justice. Dream moth! Good luck with your LTS tomorrow. Matt.

    1. Ha ha! Cheers Matt, I shan't be holding my breath! 😄

  2. I'm green with envy Matt-what a stonker! One I'd love to see anywhere in the wild.

  3. Hi Neil - it was really stunning. So much luck involved though - found in a school where the head happens to be a very good birder, who knew what it was and knew that I'd be interested. Was really chuffed that a few people were able to twitch it too. Add on top of that the fact that it was in near perfect condition. Incredible! Hope all is good with you. Have you been to Scilly this year? Matt.