Monday 19 December 2022


Today's unexpected highlight was a Coot at the entrance to Exmouth marina - only my second parish record following one off Mudbank last year, on the 5th of September. It didn't look very settled in the rough conditions, seeking shelter beneath the pontoon, and I never saw it dive. Not a lot else today because it was too wet, but on my circular walk, that included Phear Park, I saw the Olive-backed Pipit. I also picked up a couple Mediterranean Gulls on Warren View playing fields, along with Grey Plover and Greenshank
Yesterday was a bit of a wash-out too but Mudbank counts included 108 Shelduck, 118 Mallard, 13 Red-breasted Mergansers and 3 Shoveler. An Eider was distantly off the seafront - not far off Dawlish Warren beach. It looked like an immature male but views were poor.

Grey Plover - Warren View playing fields.

Mediterranean Gull - one of two birds that were on Warren View playing fields. This one relocated to Mudbank.

Dark and wet - not ideal for photographing a rapid-moving Olive-backed Pipit. Really nice to bump into Ritchie today.


  1. Would have twitched the Coot! Recalls on I had off Langstone Rock years ago, not had a Warren bird since 2015.

  2. Ha! Apologies Kev - just can't get my head around putting news out of a Coot! Will let you know if it hangs around - am likely to be checking around there in the next few days. Good to see you yesterday. Have a good Christmas if I don't see you before. Matt.

  3. Just catching up on your recent posts Matt. Amused me that Coot was such a scarcity there. One of the birds that's pretty common here- a 10 minute walk to the canal would get me one!

  4. Hi Neil - it's a common species at the other end of the river but there's just no appropriately-sized body of fresh water in Exmouth. The magic of patch birding! All the best. Matt.