Sunday 5 June 2022

Tortrix viridana

Green Oak Tortrix Tortrix viridana - three of these in the trap last night, ties in nicely with an apparent large influx into the country. I normally only trap the occasional single. Other immigrant species last night included a dozen or so Silver Ys, a Diamond-back and a couple White-points.

Another dog walk on the local pebbled heaths, with Lu, took us past some gorgeous patches of Heath Spotted Orchids. As usual I felt compelled to photograph a few...

My favourite local patch of Common Spotted Orchids, consisting of c30/40 spikes, is approaching its prime...

Orange Footman.

Broad-barred White.


Puss Moth.


  1. I noticed a bright green Tortrix in our trap last night, and assumed it was one of these. Annoyingly it wasn't there when we opened it up this morning! 😄

  2. Hi Gav - that's undoubtedly what it was. There aren't really any confusion species, although I suppose you'd have to consider Cream-bordered Green Pea, which holds its wings differently. Worth taking some pots with you if you check the trap at night. All the best. Matt.