Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Norfolk Hawkers, Henbane

Norfolk Hawker. This is the first of two seen this afternoon. The second individual is pictured below.

I drove down to Slapton after work, to see if I could see the Norfolk Hawkers that have recently been reported from the dipping platform. I was kind of expecting fleeting views, in the warm sunshine, so was quite taken aback to find two, posing beautifully, between short flights along the boardwalk! I'd go as far to say that they were easier to see and photograph then any other species of dragonfly I've seen. Beautiful! Really nice to meet Billy this afternoon and a big thank you to Perry for keeping me up to date on the appearances of this rare (in Devon) dragonfly. Billy had seen three individuals this afternoon, but hadn't noted any with a broken wing, so it seems there may potentially be four individuals, at least, in the area. Well worth the trip down and a species I've not seen before. Love those big green eyes!

The second of two seen.

Ever since my interest in wild flowers took hold, I've wanted to see Henbane. A big 'thank you' to Perry for pointing me in the right direction. It's a gorgeous plant but very poisonous, so I didn't get too close, although the chances of me consuming it were always pretty slim!

 Sulphur Pearl Sitochroa palealis.

Yellow Horned-poppy. Lots of this along the back of the beach, along with some lovely stands of Viper's Bugloss and Wild Carrot.

I stopped off on the way home, at Staverton, to look at another very poisonous plant - this one is Monk's Hood or Wolf's Bane. It's one of the most toxic plants in the UK. 


I'm still not tapping into much immigrant activity but the garden trap did produce this dapper Vestal last night.

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