Saturday 30 June 2018

Orange-tailed Clearwing

Orange-tailed Clearwing
A trip up to the north Somerset coast with Martin this morning for Orange-tailed Clearwing. We didn't have to wait too long before one of these stunning insects was bothering the lure at Apex Pools, Burnham-on-Sea. Even more impressive than yesterday's Yellow-legged Clearwing, this species sports a dazzling orange abdomen tip which is easily visible in flight. The larvae feed by boring in to the stems of the Wayfaring Tree and Guelder Rose. As far as I'm aware you can't see this species in Devon but I should probably check that.
We decided to look at Berrow Beach dunes before returning home, and enjoyed a pleasant stroll in absolutely stunning weather. Plenty of butterflies were on the wing and moths were represented by Scarlet Tiger, Silver Y and Six-spot Burnet. Back for lunch.

Pyramidal Orchid - Berrow Beach

A very neat beetle species.

Essex Skipper - note the black 'ink-dipped'  tips to the antennae. Both Small and Large Skipper were also present in the dunes.

Looking across to Brean Down from Berrow Beach dunes.

Scarlet Tiger - Berrow Beach

Common Broomrape - The plant has no chlorophyll so doesn't photosynthesise. Instead it parasitizes other plants.

Large Grey - Scoparia subfusca from the trap last night.

Common Drill - Dichrorampha petiverella

Four-spotted Footman - male. Other firsts for the year last night included Scalloped Oak, Dark Spectacle, Pale Mottled Willow, Codling Moth and Grass Emerald.

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