Saturday 16 June 2018

Currant Clearwing

Currant Clearwing - a massive thank you to Tim for inviting me over to Topsham for my first ever Clearwing. A truly stunning little insect that more than surpassed expectation. Tim found this remarkable moth on a currant bush in his garden. The larvae feed internally on the shoots and are presumably considered pests by gardeners. In twelve years of moth-trapping, and searching, I've never come close to seeing a Clearwing, so today was a special day, despite spending the majority of it stood in the rain on the side of a football pitch!


Dusky Brocade f. obscura - I don't see too many of these but they're not a rare species.

Buff Arches - my first trapped this year. Other firsts for the year included Barred Straw, Smoky Wainscot and the Dusky Brocade.

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