Tuesday 16 August 2016


Elbow-stripe Grass-veneer - Agriphila geniculea
Better numbers of moths in the trap this morning. Immigrant species were represented by 1 Rusty-dot Pearl, 1 Silver Y, 2 Diamond-back Moths and a Rush Veneer. Also a few Jersey Tigers, 4 species of 'Thorn' - Canary-shouldered, Early, September and Dusky, Dun-bar and Swallow Prominent among other common species. Despite the presence of some bigger and 'flashier' species I was distracted by some of the Grass Veneer species in the trap. Variation within each species seems limitless and there are plenty of gaps on my list to fill so each one is scrutinised. As well as some of this morning's moths I've included some of my archive photos to illustrate just some of the other species that are out there.
Bird-wise - a single Knot and 2 Kingfishers off the Imperial were the highlights from a brief look this morning and my first returning Wigeon of the autumn was with 100+ Mallard off Mudbank this afternoon, along with 5 Whimbrel, 3+ Mediterranean Gulls and a Ringed Plover.

Elbow-stripe Grass-veneer

Elbow-stripe Grass-veneer
Elbow-stripe Grass-veneer

Pearl Veneer - Agriphila straminella

Common Grass-veneer - Agriphila tristella

Common Grass-veneer

Common Grass Veneer

Pale-streak Grass-veneer - Agriphila selasella (.... I think - note the smooth textured wings, broad white streak and pointed termen)

Pale-streak Grass-veneer?

Pale-streak Grass Veneer?

Common Grass-veneer - A. tristella

Common Grass-veneer

The following photos are all old ones:

Bulrush Veneer - Calamotropha paludella

Barred Grass-veneer - Agriphila inquinatella

Yellow Satin Veneer - Crambus perlella

Grass-veneer - Crambus pascuella

Euchromius superbellus (S. France).

Chequered Grass-veneer - Catoptria falsella

Garden Grass-veneer - Chrystoteuchia culmella

Waste Grass-veneer - Pediasia contaminella - S. France 2016

Pearl Grass-veneer - Catoptria pinella


  1. Really like this post Matt. Amazing variety ... And gives me something to aim for!

  2. Many thanks Nick - still plenty more species out there but I guess once the expected ones have turned up in the trap you have to start targeting others in different habitats. Having said that, I looked at the Warren list and they've had a few more good species so there may be more possibilities in Exmouth yet. See you soon. Matt

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