Sunday 1 March 2015

Lavender Muscovey?

Lavender Muscovey Duck?
Clearly exhausted after a gruelling transatlantic flight - this muscovey duck was sleeping on the pavement beside the Leisure Centre carpark. Exmouth has been so quiet and 'samey' recently that it was quite refreshing to see this bird - an Exmouth tick!
This morning, Nick and I paid a visit to a local spot where the farmer is planting a crop for cirl buntings and we had a male and female, in with good numbers of reed buntings, chaffinches and yellowhammers.
Otherwise it has been business as usual, with at least 7 purple sandpipers on Maer Rocks this morning along with 180+ dark-bellied brent geese, and the black redstart still below the access ramp to the beach at Sandy Bay.

I can think of better places to kip!

'Petrosus' Rock Pipit with a nice orangey throat - Sandy Bay.

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