Saturday 21 March 2015

This Week

Another busy week with limited birding time. The odd trip up to Orcombe after work has produced a couple of stonechats, a handful of chiffies  and very little else. This morning a bullfinch, and a snipe provided a tiny bit more variety but it was really very quiet. This afternoon I tracked down the rock pipit again in an attempt to get some better photos and it was nice to enjoy some warm sunshine.

I have to say, I found this week's solar eclipse distinctly underwhelming, but that may have something to do with being at work, watching it with a class of thirty fairly disinterested fourteen year olds. Give me a sunset or sunrise any day of the week!

Still not sure about this bird. It's amazing how light affects the colour tones. Probably just petrosus. They get greyer on top at this time of year, losing the yellowy-olivey tones that you see in the winter.

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