Tuesday 11 March 2014

Garden Sibe Chiff

I was up and getting ready for work at first light this morning, so I took a mug of tea and the scope into the garden to have a look at the river. Almost immediately I could hear the flat piping 'hee' of a siberian chiffchaff. It was coming from the scrub at the back of the house that borders Warren View football pitch. Within a couple minutes I'd located the bird but I needed to get down on to the pitch to get the photo shown. It ticks all the boxes plumage-wise but it's always nice to get the call. It was silent for most of the time I was watching it and I'd have liked to have got a decent photo but I was up against the clock so I had to leave it.

Note the white underparts, strong super, dark legs, grey upper-parts and lime-fringed remiges - classic!

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