Sunday 23 February 2014


I watched from the raised beach huts, near Maer Rocks this morning from 0725 - 0850. Totals included 5 gannet, 90 dark-bellied brent goose, 65+ kittiwake, 6+ red-throated diver, 13+ diver sp, 3+ great northern diver, 7 fulmar, 7+ common gull, 1 ad mediterranean gull, 1 eider, 1 long-tailed duck and 9+ common scoter. There were also good numbers of auks bombing around in the murk.

Good numbers of common gull are on the move at the moment. In the above photo a first-winter, adult winter and smart adult summer off Mudbank this morning. Lesser black-backed gulls are moving too with 24 off the Imperial rugby ground this evening. I photographed the great black-backed gull (presumed third -winter) below a couple days ago - a magnificent bird guarding its fish with vulture-like dominance. I'm guessing it's a male - compare the massive build with the accompanying first-winter bird.

Mediterranean gulls have been a bit thin on the ground of late. The last two I've seen have been picked up on call funnily enough. They get more vocal as spring approaches. The bird photographed below flew over me up at Hayes Barton Pig Farm. A distinctive 'keeaw'. I'm sure I'd have missed it had it not called!

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  1. Hi Matt, don't know what it is about Med Gulls, there must be a thousand pairs or more breeding just along the coast and we just get the odd ones or two. I don't expect many this time of year at the Rec but the last one I saw was in December. Still, at least you've had a few white-wingers down your way - still looking for my first this winter.