Tuesday 29 March 2022

Spring Spot Crake

Spotted Crake - Exminster Marshes. I felt the urge to see this bird as I've only ever seen August/September birds in the past. See here for a potted history of my previous Spot Crakes. It was never very close but it showed in the open quite a bit. Unfortunately too far off for my camera. I'm really not very keen on twitches so I didn't stay long - keen to get back to birding in Exmouth. I guess it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Spotted Crakes could breed on Exminster Marshes before too long. Otherwise - just a Marsh Harrier of note. Wow. Just a Marsh harrier! How times have changed!

Back in Exmouth - 3 Sandwich Terns off the lifeboat station - each on a yellow buoy.


  1. Great wee bird. Enjoyed seeing it a lot.

    1. Hi Tom - glad you got to see it. Great bird indeed!
      All the best. Matt

  2. Nice one, Matt. Never seen a spring bird & a few years since I last saw one. Lovely to have breeding Marsh Harriers in London at Rainham.

  3. Hi Neil. Marsh Harrier has always been a good Devon bird but they're a permanent fixture on Exminster Marshes at the moment. I still get excited when one strays into Exmouth territory though. Good to hear you've got them in the London area. Smart birds. All the best. Matt