Sunday 27 March 2022

Another WTE

Joel had a football match out the back this afternoon. With kick-off at 130pm, Lu and I walked down the road to watch, but just before we got to Warren View the gulls kicked off! I glanced up to see another White-tailed Eagle lazily circling, some way between Mudbank and Lympstone. It seemed to be drifting slightly north, upriver, but I didn't track it any further, keen to see Joel in action. Little else to report this weekend but it has been lovely weather-wise.

Small Tortoiseshell.




Nuthatch collecting mud to line nest hole.


Little Ringed Plover.

Bog Beacon.


  1. Amazing that WS Eagles can now, with a lot of luck, be seen around England. I was thrilled when we stumbled onto one in Norfolk back in January.

    One of the IOW birds was seen over London at Walthamstow yesterday.

  2. Hi Neil - an amazing sight. Very lucky to get 2 different birds in six days. It looks like the Exe will become a regular destination for the IOW birds. Plenty of good habitat. Good to hear from you. Matt