Sunday 1 August 2021

More Qs than Answers

Hoverfly sp - Edit - Eristlis sp - possibly E. arbustorum, on Hemp Agrimony - thanks to Neil for all the identifications - hugely appreciated!

A brief walk on Orcombe produced 1 Willow Warbler and a fly-over Ringed Plover. Nearby there was a single Turnstone on Maer Rocks and at least 13 Sandwich Terns were offshore with a Common Tern
Counts off Mudbank produced 40 Mallard and 37 Whimbrel. Otherwise - an hour spent mooching around the edge of Blackhill Quarry, this afternoon,  served to highlight how poor I am at identifying invertebrates. Some flowers got me scratching my head too...

Common Calamint.

Grasshopper species.

 Sticky Groundsel

Canadian Fleabane.

Grayling - above and below.


I thought I'd be able to identify this bee quite easily. Edit - Common Mourning Bee Melecta albifrons - a cuckoo of Hairy-footed Flower Bee (thanks again to Neil).

Field Grasshopper.

Mottled Grasshopper.

Green Leafhopper Cicadella viridis.

Black-tailed Skimmer.

Wood Sage.

Field Grasshopper.

micro sp.

Hemp Agrimony - close-up.

Chinese Character.

Mullein Wave.


  1. So many questions Matt! Starting from the top your hoverfly is an Eristalis sp, I suspect E. arbustorum but would need to see the face to be sure.

    Agree with Sticky Groundsel.

    The black & white bee is Melecta albifrons. Surprised to see this still going as it's a cuckoo of the Hairy-footed Flower Bee, Anthophora plumipes which here at least is long over.

    Agree with Field & Mottled Grasshopper. The leafhopper below is Cicadella viridis.

    Is your Scarce Chaser not a Black-tailed Skimmer? No sign of any dark wing bases.

    Believe the grasshopper below the Wood Sage is another Field- the thorax is very hairy below.

    Sadly I'm isolating atm, though I'm fine with no symptoms, so garden wildlife spotting. Hummingbird Hawkmoth a couple of days was a highlight as was watching a Hobby go into a dive early this morning. Freedom should return Wednesday!All the best.

  2. Magic - thanks Neil! Thought dragon had blue eyes but obviously didn't look hard enough at it! So sorry to hear you're isolating - must be so frustrating! Enjoy getting back out on Wednesday. Thanks again and all the best. Matt