Friday 6 August 2021

Cotswolds Revisited

Narrow-lipped Helleborine.

With the orchid season drawing to a close I was keen to make a return visit to the Cotswolds for some rare helleborines. Last week the Green-flowered Helleborines will still in bud and I had no idea where to start looking for Narrow-lipped. Armed with a little more information I returned with Lu this morning, combining orchid-hunting with some sightseeing around the picturesque village of Painswick. We had lunch in the Woolpack, in Slad and a nice walk on Rudge Hill, formerly Edge Common.

Narrow-lipped Helleborine.

Narrow-lipped Helleborine - one of four plants seen but this one was a bit past its best.

The darkest, most striking and gorgeous Broad-leaved Helleborine seen today.

Green-flowered Helleborine - these were in bud when I visited last week so it was fantastic to see them flowering today.

 Lu and I went for  a walk on Rudge Hill which affords great views of the village of Painswick and surrounding countryside.

Yellow Bird's-nest - delighted to find this fruiting plant in dark Beech woods - another parasitic plant containing no chlorophyll but stealing nutrients from fungi, making it a 'myco-heterotroph'.

Lots of 'long since gone over' Bird's Nest Orchids were found in Beech woods today. These orchids have a lot in common with Yellow Bird's-nest and indeed the two are sometime confused.

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