Sunday 8 August 2021

Bird Lite

A small plume moth sp - possibly Hemp-agrimony Plume? Going largely on size and partly on the fact that in the second photo it's resting on Hemp-agrimony. Tricky things these plume moths...

A lone Wheatear was all I could find on Orcombe Point this morning. Mudbank was similarly rubbish with 113 Mallard and  couple Great Crested Grebes the only species making the note book.
Yesterday afternoon  a decent gathering of gulls off the seafront pulled in an adult pale-phase Arctic Skua, at least 20 Sandwich Terns and 8 Common Terns.

A wasp species on Hemp-agrimony.

I think this is one of the Leaf-cutter Bees?

 Large Skipper.

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