Saturday 23 January 2021

Four Brent ssp?

This Brent Goose (centre) caught the eye in this morning's Darts Farm flock. Unfortunately I didn't get a really clear look at it but I think Grey-bellied Brent is at least a  consideration, albeit an unlikely one. There is striking contrast between a dark-grey belly and whiter flanks but the upperparts are perhaps a shade too dark? As well as Grey-bellied Brent there are hybrid possibilities to consider, as well as the distinct possibility that it's just a very well-marked Dark-bellied bird. Gotta love Brents!

The Black Brant showed really well, in with the big Brent flock (c6-700+ birds) beside the road, this morning.

Dark-bellied Brent Geese.

One of two Pale-bellied Brent Geese in this morning's flock.

Little else to report today but at least six Crossbills gave me neck-ache on East Budleigh Common this afternoon.


  1. Hi Matt. Incase you havent come across this young lads work is worth a read:

  2. Thank you Steve - will take a look. I'm hoping to scrutinize the flock more next time I'm passing that way (if they're there). It would be good to have more pairs of eyes looking but given the current lockdown situation I guess that's unlikely. Hope all is good your way. Thanks again for the link. Matt

  3. Definitely worth more investigation Matt!

  4. Certainly worthy of more photos Matt! I’m obviously just staying very local at present otherwise I’d be looking. Hope you get more pics....

  5. Thanks Chris - I'm only checking the flock if I pass on the way to mum and dad's and of course the flock is usually not there. Hope all going well your end. Take care. Matt