Tuesday 25 June 2019

Scarce Silver-lines

I've only ever seen one Scarce Silver-lines before so was delighted when Nick came over with this stunning specimen - 'fresh out the box'. Thank you Nick!

An as yet unidentified caterpillar that was stuck to the outside of the trap this morning.

With all the Painted Ladies and Red Admirals around I had high hopes for the moth trap least night. This Maiden's Blush was the highlight, despite being a bit tatty, with one Dark Sword-grass and a single Silver Y the only immigrant species.

Nick and I headed over to Topsham to see Yellow-legged Clearwing - a truly stunning little moth that you'd probably never see without a pheromone lure.

Banded Demoiselle - male, Topsham


  1. Very interesting Matt love the clear wing. Need your trap up here large moths banging on the van window last evening unknown species and no I didn’t invite them in!! Couldn’t get over the amount of Painted Lady on the wing today and yesterday Dozens everywhere.

  2. Thanks Derek - yes the Painted Lady influx is fantastic and clearly county-wide. I'm hopeful for a few more migrant moth species in the trap. You definitely need to open the van windows and leave the lights on - could be a mega out there...All the best. Matt