Thursday 17 May 2018

Square Spot

Square Spot - Bicton Common. One male Emperor Moth and a few Common Heath were also seen this afternoon.
An unexpected highlight this afternoon was my first Square Spot. It flew in to me as I was walking around a wooded part of Bicton Common. It's a local species found in southern Britain. Not sure of its status in Devon. Otherwise it's been a quiet week with local Spotted Flycatchers, Firecrests and Nightjars seen, and a single Red Kite over the river at the beginning of the week.

Grey-patched Mining Bee - thank you to Nick for the id.


Spotted Flycatcher 


  1. Hi Matt. Pretty sure your bee is a female Andrena nitida - Grey-patched mining bee. Pale hairs on side of thorax and on hind legs with the rich red top. They have a shiny abdomen, but not visible on your photo.
    Square spot is lovely. 30 records in Devon last year and only 13 in 2016, so a good find. I’ve not had it.

  2. Thank you Nick. Not heard of that one before! All the best. Matt