Saturday 5 March 2016

Caspian......I think possibly not (Edit)

Edit - too many anomalies for 'cachinnans'  - the more I look at these photos the more I think it's just a Lesser-black-backed Gull. The dark upper-wing and underwing certainly point strongly towards Lesser Black-back.

Inner primaries look slightly paler than outers but that underwing looks yuk. I didn't have the opportunity for a good flight view as the bird lifted rapidly and disappeared downriver into horrible light. Leeb?


  1. Odd looking bird Matt - I think I would go with Lesser Black-backed too despite the paler inner primaries!

  2. Hi Matt, agree with LBB, don't see all that many March 2cy's so maybe they stand out?

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    1. Thanks Mike, thanks Tim - tend to expect first yr Lesser Bbs to be darker above n below, with longer wings, so this one caught me out. Cheers. Matt