Monday 2 November 2015

Fantastic Serin Photos

Serin - photographed by Dave Land
Dave Land has very kindly let me use these beautiful shots of the Serin. Thank you so much Dave. I'm amazed he managed to capture these shots as the bird spent a lot of time hidden from view in the sallows, or feeding out of sight in vegetation on the ground. The area it's been in is a grotty bit of waste ground - weeds and rubble - but Dave has managed to get it sat, surrounded by rose-hips! I particularly like the shot that shows the rump - the most you see in the field is a burst of lemon-yellow as it takes of.
There has apparently been no sign of it today. Hope it's still around.

All images copyright - Dave Land


  1. Cracking photos. Credit to Dave for getting those shots.

  2. Hi Spencer - yep he's a truly superb photographer - don't know how he does it!