Sunday 2 August 2015

Small Mottled Willow

Small Mottled Willow - this moth is common on the continent and apparently has a world-wide distribution.
Loads of small mottled willows have been turning up in the country and I've been kind of expecting to catch one, but it was still a lovely surprise to find this one in the trap this morning. It is an immigrant species and one that I've only trapped a couple times before. There were at least 5 rush veneer in the trap too but, oddly, no silver y. Also in the trap the first red twin-spot carpet, jersey tiger and canary-shouldered thorn of the year among about 30 species in total.
The usual early morning scan of the sea and beach around Maer Rocks produced a brief juvenile yellow-legged gull, 1 mediterranean gull, 2 common tern, 6 teal 'in-off' and 2 pomarine skuas that cruised slowly south around 0630'ish.
Off the Imperial were 2 common tern, 3 turnstone, 3 mediterranean gull and 1 black-tailed godwit.
Jersey Tiger



  1. Presumably the same 2 Pom Skuas we had south past Berry Head at 08.03

  2. Hi Andy - reckon they were loitering a bit en route although I could be out with my timings. Did you have much else going through? Thank you for getting in touch.

  3. 368 Manx, 3 juv Med, 14 Common Scoter and 58 Sandwich Tern. Later a Balearic following a fishing boat.