Tuesday 4 August 2015

Pyrausta aurata

Pyrausta aurata
Pyrausta aurata is a common enough micro, often found day-flying, but I don't routinely find them in the trap. This one posed for its photo - a beautiful little moth. It has prompted me to start thinking about working on my 'micros' list - something I've neglected for far too long. Not much else in the trap this morning but Small Square-spot was the first I've seen this summer, as was Purple Bar.

Rusty Dot Pearl - one of three trapped last night along with a single Rush Veneer - the only other immigrant.

Purple Bar - always much appreciated but common enough.

Eucosma campoliliana

Not a moth and no prizes for guessing what it is! The only bird of note on a quick check of the beach this morning, along with three Mediterranean Gulls.

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