Thursday 20 August 2015


Very quiet on Orcombe today - just 2 Yellow Wagtail, c5+ Willow Warbler, c5+ Chiffchaff and 1 Curlew made the notebook.
Mudbank produced 1 Mediterranean Gull, 260+ Mallard, 4 Teal, c10+ Common Tern and 4 Knot this morning, and this evening I recorded c80+ Common Tern, 1 Little Tern and 1 juv/fw Yellow-legged Gull - my first for some time.
Yesterday 1 Goldcrest was the most noteworthy sighting on Orcombe, and Mudbank produced 1 Little Tern, 17+ Common Tern and 4 Mediterranean Gull.

Juvenile Willow Warbler

Silver Y - two trapped last night along with the expected small numbers of Rush Veneer and Rusty Dot Pearl.

Mullein Wave

Elbow-stripe Grass-veneer - Agriphila geniculea - lots of these around at the moment, along with plenty of  A. tristella

Yellow-barred Brindle

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