Monday 23 June 2014

No Birds More Moths

Cymbalophora Pudica - France 2006

All quiet on the bird front so a few more interesting (to me at least) moths from southern Europe. Apologies to those who really couldn't care less about moths. Most were discovered around campsite lights but a few were found flying around in the day-time. Some are rare immigrants to Britain. Please let me know if I've misidentified any - moths can be much trickier than birds and I've still got quite a few photos of moths without names - perhaps I'll stick them in another post.

Tree-lichen Beauty - France 2006

Pine-tree Lappet - France 2008

Netted Pug - France 2009

Eutelia Adulatrix - France 2008 - a great little moth with peacock-blue wing spots - as usual the photo does it no justice

Pigmy Footman or eilema uniola?- France 2006 - really tiny

Convolvulus Hawkmoth - France 2006 - this was my first. I've only ever trapped one in Britain and that was in Topsham 

Mocha - France 2006 - on a shower block wall

Oxicesta Geographica - France 2008

Tawny Prominent - France 2008

Spotted Sulphur - France 2006

Paysandisia Archon - France 2009 - this moth really threw me at first. After a little research I discovered that it is a South American pest species whose larvae feed on palms. It's a large, spectacular, day-flying moth unlike anything you'd find in Europe and it was apparently accidentally introduced to France in the early 2000's.

Gypsy Moth - France 2009 - day time flyer

Tamarisk Peacock - Italy 2009

 Antirrhinum Brocade - France 2008

Oak or Poplar Nycteoline - either way I love the dopey expression!

Passenger - France 2006

Pale Shoulder - France 2008

Small Elephant Hawkmoth - France 2008

Sorcerer (I think) or Alchymist? - France 2009

Phylodesma Suberifolium - France 2009

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