Wednesday 26 July 2023

Head Streaking!

 Second-summer Yellow-legged Gull - Coastal Waste recycling centre.

I was a bit taken aback by the amount of head streaking now exhibited by the resident YLG - prompting thoughts of 'Azores' Gull, though the throat appears to be unstreaked. I've always felt there was something a little different about this birds, aside from its proclavity for Exmouth. I think there are probably too many missing features in its younger plumages to tie it to the Azores but perhaps it has originated from somewhere in the Atlantic? Who knows? Below are a few photos of it over the last two years:

September '21.

October '21 - first-winter (1st cal yr). Head streaking looks extensive here.

October '21

July '22 - first summer (2nd cal yr). No sign of any 'shin-pads'.

26/7/23 - second-summer (3rd cal yr).

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