Thursday 23 February 2023

Hume's Leaf Warbler

Had a job north of Shepton Mallet today so made the short drive up the road, to Compton Dando, to see the long-staying Hume's Leaf Warbler. Only my second ever but great views this time and, best of all, the Pied Wagtail-like 'tulip' call was heard on several occasions. I was pleased to watch it in good, flat light which allowed a good assessment of the colour tones - greyer and more washed out than Yellow-browed Warbler. Many thanks to Mark for site details.


  1. Very nice Matt. I've seen a couple over here-one last year not far from the American Robin in Eastbourne. I used to visit Kazakhstan doing tours& these along with Greenish Warblers were quite common in the spruces.

    You got some great shots. Seem to be a few around this winter.

  2. Thanks Neil - like Shore Lark it was effectively a new species as my last was so long ago and so brief that I can barely remember it. I probably had better views than any of the YBWs I've seen. I certainly got better photos. Hume's is a species that I'm determined to find in Exmouth one day. Fingers crossed, they seem to be getting a little more common. Would love to visit Kazakhstan one day - it sounds wonderful. Still need Greenish Warbler too...
    All the best. Matt.