Monday 1 March 2021

Barren Strawberry

Pleased to find my first Barren Strawberry late this afternoon - growing low down in a hedge and not at all obvious.

This local male Cirl Bunting is suitably camouflaged in its winter hedge.


  1. Well done on your first Barren Strawberry! They are quite attractive.

    I'm envious of the Cirl Bunting. I know they're almost common down your way but many years since my last UK sighting though seen more recently (over a year ago thanks to covid) in Europe. I know there are historical records from Wimbledon Common so has occurred in the distant past in London.

  2. Hi Neil - yep they're pretty common down here and spreading steadily eastwards with 2 females in west Dorset at the moment. They're still only patchily distributed this side (east) of the Exe and still pretty scarce in Exmouth. If only the local farms didn't farm so intensively (brutally) I'm sure they'd be breeding by now. Good to hear from you as always. Matt