Monday 15 February 2021

Redpoll Increase

Mediterranean Gull - Mudbank.

Great Northern Diver - Maer Rocks - popped up whilst walking the dog on the beach with Lu and Joel.

Chris texted this afternoon, with news of 18 or 19 Redpolls in the boggy area below Woodbury Fort. Feeding on the deck, and occasionally landing in their favored thicket, they were never easy. Having seen a few of Chris's 'back of the camera' photos I'd say there are now some Lesser Redpolls in the flock, but this individual at least is surely too white for any Lesser, and in the field brought to mind Arctic Roll!


  1. That Redpoll does have a very 'squashed-in face' look, doesn't it?! Nice developments over there in Devon. 😊
    Makes me wonder if there are other little groups of assorted Redpolls out there in quiet corners waiting to be discovered...

  2. Hi Gav - no suggestion it's Arctic - just gives that plump, whitish impression. I'm sure searching for Redpolls will pay dividends - it's so rare to be able to grill a flock properly though - they're invariably flying overhead or high up in alders against the light. A challenge for sure. Good to hear from you, as always. Take care. Matt

  3. Well done for keeping up - have you sent off the pictures for comment to some east coast birders?

  4. Hi Mike - they're giving us the run-around but good to have some definite Lessers in the flock to compare. I've sent off some e-mails so hopefully some east coast input soon...
    All the best. Matt