Wednesday 24 February 2021

Musk Stork's-bill

Musk Stork's-bill

Despite putting a lot of effort into learning plants last summer, I still feel very 'green around the gills' so I may very well have misidentified some of these. Spent a bit of time looking down at the ground after work. Musk Stork's-bill is a new one, as is Common Whitlowgrass - lovely splashes of colour on a grey winter day, and some species flowering that I wasn't really expecting.

Common Stork's-bill

Common Whitlowgrass

I'm not sure about this one.

Common Fumitory


Red Campion


Field Pansy


  1. Nice to see some flowers again. Down here Musk Storksbill has been spreading quite a lot on verges.

  2. Hi Neil - is that because of salt or type of soil? All the best. Matt

  3. Hi Matt- I don't think it's because of the salt. I wonder whether the seeds get carried by foot travel, animal fur & perhaps even by mowing gangs moving from site to site? Don't think it's particularly a halophyte.