Wednesday 25 November 2020

Close but no Cigar

I picked this Teal out, in near darkness, after work this evening, but what jumped out at me was the near-vertical white flank stripe! Sadly it's not quite in the right place for Green-winged Teal, but it's close! Other features, most notably the lateral white scapular stripe, confirm it's just a Teal. A small white mark is present on its left-hand side.


  1. Looks odd Matt can't quite see what's going on. Where was that white line - Was it the top of the drooped speculum?

  2. Hi Mike - views for me were poor, in near darkness, but the flank stripe seemed to be a smudge of white that started mid-way along the flank (not the fore-flank where it should be for GwT) The white scapular line was only part-visible. Can't see it being anything other than Teal with an odd smudge of white. All the best. Matt