Saturday 14 November 2020

Black Redstart

Maisie's 18th birthday today! Happy birthday Mais! She won't read this. Snuck out for a few minutes but the weather was horrendous. Highlight was a smart male Black Redstart in gardens around Shelly Beach - picked up on call, and at least 3 Purple Sandpipers on Maer Rocks. Otherwise an adult Mediterranean Gull off Mudbank and the Great Northern Diver was off there yesterday.

Yellow-line Quaker. I set the trap earlier in the week - on 9th/10th - 1 Feathered Ranunculus, 2 Red-green Carpet, 16 Rusty Dot Pearl, 3 Light Brown Apple, 1 Common Plume, 1 Olive-tree Pearl (Palpita vitrealis), 8 Crocidosema plebejana, 2 Silver Y, 1 Autumnal Moth agg, 1 Double-striped Pug, 2 Yellow-line Quaker and 1 Spruce Carpet.
On 10th/11th - 2 Light Brown Apple, 7 Rusty Dot Pearl, 1 Angle Shades, 1 Red-line Quaker, 5 Crocidosema plebejana, 2 Silver Y, 1 Feathered Thorn, 1 Yellow-line Quaker, 1 Feathered Ranunculus, 1 Vine's Rustic, 2 Autumnal Moth agg and 1 Double-striped Pug.

Brent Goose - Imperial Rugby Club.

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