Tuesday 28 January 2020

RnG Still

Couldn't get better shots of the Shelly Beach Red-necked Grebe this afternoon but nice to get it wing-flapping. It showed continuously, between dives, amongst the buoys from around 1530 - 1630 at least. I would have stayed longer to watch the gulls coming in but my hands were so numb with cold that I chickened out. Want to make the most of watching this beautiful bird whilst it stays.

Hard enough to photograph without a freezing, cold wind driving icy rain straight in to your face!


  1. Hi Matt I popped down am over high tide but no sign and was unable to go pm over low tide. Interesting you had it late again. DB will try Exminster am and Exmouth pm tomorrow

  2. Thanks Derek - presumably dependent on state of tide. Will be there again tomorrow so will hopefully bump in to Dave. Really hoping for better photos but it seems to stick to the same stretch of water along the edge of the buoys - exactly where you and I saw it. All the best. Matt