Friday 21 September 2018

Grey Phalarope

With little prospect of turning up anything other than perhaps a Grey Phalarope, I decided to check a few possible spots after work, along the seafront and estuary margins. On my second look off the Leisure Centre I found one. It was swimming into the strong wind alongside a Black-headed Gull. Unfortunately, by the time I'd leapt out the car and grabbed the scope and camera it had vanished. I assumed it would be feeding furtively somewhere in the little corner of saltmarsh but no such luck. I think the last one I had in Exmouth was September 2011, when one accompanied two (and later three) Sabine's Gulls on Exmouth Beach. I missed one that Pete Aley had on the beach last autumn. The Warren tends to do much better for Grey Phals.


  1. Nice find mate. Thanks again for the text. Gutted it had done a bunk but I’d rather the chance off seeing something rather than not. Your on a bit of a roll at the mo mate.

  2. Thanks Spencer - can't believe it disappeared so fast. Would have loved it to hang around. Still time for another. All the best. Matt